Our Secret Of Being Happy Together

My friends say that my relationship with Mark is definitely a great example of a happy marriage. Everyone is surprised how we manage to be so satisfied with our mutual life.

I thought I should share what in fact makes our relationship look so perfect and delightful.

We met when he was 8 and I was 6 years old. Our parents knew each other although I can't say they were really friends. We went through a lot of things, good and bad and tried to support each other regarding any activity we were up to.

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Why Edward Callen is Sexy

First of all, I must admit from the beginning – I am not a fan of “Twilight” saga and Edward Callen, its main hero, in particular. But I am interested in the phenomenon of his popularity – why this pale and unhealthy looking guy has conquered so many girls’ hearts? Is it because he drinks blood and makes crazy face expressions like he is high or there is some other explanation of the success of this character?

If we make the analysis of Edward’s qualities we will sees that he possesses everything a modern woman may need. First of all, he is rich. The fact that he drives a luxurious Porsche adds him much attractiveness in the eyes of the female audience.

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Sweet Memories Of Happy Married

Many people who lives happily together today has a lot of mutual memories they can share with friends or leave them deep inside their hearts. The most valuable memories are usually associated with their first date, first kiss and first sexual experience together.

I decided to make a survey and ask around my own friends what are their most important memories. I thought I should post the results of it right here so that people who are interested could read.

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Critical Mistakes in Relationship

You can be madly in love with each other, but still, there are traps which threaten the happiness of every couple and can destroy even the strongest relationships. It is just that life is never uniform, and if everything is perfect, you can expect that upcoming changes will not be to the best. However, if you are aware of the most popular critical mistakes it will be possible to avoid them and preserve the stability of perfection.

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Unhealthy Healthy Eating

couple eating different food
Any persistent idea popping up in your mind has the risk to turn into the real obsession. Today the age of childlike beauty standards introduced by Twiggy has passed away and is substituted by the age of the strong fit bodies inspired by Tyra Banks and Heidi Klum. The modern Venus has six pack, prominent biceps, practices insanity workout and consumes gluten-free products.
If you trace how did the beauty standards changed through the epochs you will easily see that in fact that is the never-ending cycle which depends mostly upon some political and social factors. During the age of Renaissance Michelangelo and Raphael admired the strong healthy bodies, the beginning of the XX century was the age of languid plump Decadent vixens with smoky eyes, skinny and pale drug queens were the symbol of the late 90s. Today we may see that health is popular again.
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Love and Age

We fall in love on every stage of our life and every time it is a different feeling. When you are young, love presents a kind of communal instinct – it is like a trend which everybody is bound to follow. When we get older, we have to perform the search for love alone. I think it will be interesting to learn which age is the most appropriate for true love.

Kindergarten love. Kids often can not explain their feelings and thus they are often considered to be not serious. However, children’s love is, probably, the most sincere one. They like someone just because they like. They do not behave like cynical philosophers and judge a person by the set of his or her qualities and may be it is useful to practice this attitude in our adult life from time to time.

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9 Facts About Sex In Figures

Do you think you know everything about sex? I don’t think so. While you are probably aware of the most popular facts about sex, you may be interested in some figures that can make the picture clearer. Here they are:

1.Men have more partners than women

The vast majority of women aged from 20 to 59 say that they had 3 sexual partners while men of the same age claim they had 7. Someone seems to lie.

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Look at yourself in a different way

Are you too critical about yourself? You do not like your physical appearance? And you also are not okay with your job. You tend to criticize yourself for everything in you life no matter which issue it concerns. Everybody has an interesting job, a good relationship. Everybody is happy. But not you. You compare yourself with others and you realize that you are the worst person in the whole world. It seems to you that you deserve nothing good in your life. In fact you feel yourself unlucky and unhappy. And you can’t handle it. You can not overcome your negative thoughts, your fears. It is impossible for you. In fact you get used to it and are not ready to get rid of it. It sounds really strange but you are not ready to leave your comfort zone full of disappointments and frustration. Why so? Well, it is simply convenient for you. Otherwise you have to change attitude to yourself and to your life. It takes time and effort. You are simply lazy. Look at people who have no that opportunities you have and revalue what you have.

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How divorce affects children

For many kids it is an unbearable experience when their parents split up. Especially if your kid is a teenager. It would be stressful for him no less than for you. Quite often children do not want their parents to divorce. Of course to live together for children would not a way out in the situation. Usually it doesn’t work.

So you should take into account that your kid needs emotional support. He doesn’t understand what’s going on and he doesn’t want to deal with actual facts. Many children lose contact with reality. They become disobedient and caprice. Try to explain him that it would be much better for all of you. Explain that many things would change and become different but they would not worse. They would be simply different. If your kid does not want to deal with it then explain him that you need it and that it would be better for you and your spouse. You would live separately which doesn’t mean your kid would not see his father anymore. And your kid also should realize this fact. Of course it depends on the situation. Nevertheless let your child meet your ex-spouse when he wants and needs it. If you see your child is sad or even angry with two of you then you should realize that this reaction is adequate. Do not be angry with him. Try to understand his feelings. He is simply scared and confused. He even may feel betrayed.

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Two-Wheeled Summer

The first bicycle in my life has appeared when I was four years old. While I was growing, bicycles were changing and growing with me. For me it is not just a vehicle – it is a friend, certain lifestyle, freedom and adventure all at once. However, when I discovered Pashley this affection transformed into real love.

Pashley is an old-fashioned model of bicycle which is produced in England since 1928. This bicycle looks just gorgeous and it is impossible to imagine riding it in sports suit as some girlish dress and sandals are far more appropriate for this occasion. Nothing can be compared with the happiness you experience while riding along evening streets of your city, breathing the fresh air and being the part of summer bustle.

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